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Very Silly question

Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 7:31 PM

Ok...So I ventured over here and found a new home. I tried to log in, and it didn't recognize my name/password. So I re-registered. Does this mean that I cannot now bring all my old info current? (I really liked my old avatars, and I am puter have no idea what I went through to get those thumbnails. LOLOL)

One more question...will the user index end up in alphabetical order? That way I can find the older members IF they continue to use their old names? (with what looks like 27K members, only the first two pages of users have actual names and pictures...I bring this up because I was wondering if alllll those other users are from the "old" boards...and if they are, would one of them be me since I wasn't able to bring my account 'current' and started over by registering)
Anyone see the size of that gawd dayum chicken???

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