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Women's Apparel

Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 5:33 PM

This has been bugging for me at least a year and I don't know where else to vent about it...

Why doesn't the Godsmack Women's Apparel come in XL? I would happily buy something but I am, let's just say, well-endowed up top, and I need an XL. Wouldn't want the logo to be all distorted and stretched over my endowments! Besides, not all of us fans are petite nothings. Some of the stuff isn't even offered in a L.

And while I am at it, I think the apparel is outdated and doesn't meet anything other than 80s rock t-shirts fashion standards.. This shirt by Sick Puppies is a great example of a modern-day band t-shirt: In fact the whole Sick Puppies line of apparel is awesome. Would love to have things like this from my favorite band in the whole wide world.

And where are tank tops??? Stickers? Shot glasses? Beanies? So much opportunity missed in merchandising if you ask this MBA.

I would buy the whole lot of Godsmack ladies shirts and wear them every day if I could. But you don't offer my size and I'd prefer to look like a cool mom rather than a washed up 80s rock-n-roll fan in an oversized men's shirt.

Thanks. :-)
Miss T

Replies to This Posting

  1. MIA avatar MIA

    Re: Women's Apparel

    Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    i noticed not much of a selection too. Although i've ordered some t-shirts.
    i think they should have more too. i look at the Aerosmith site and they have everything under the sun. even dog collars and leashs, ashtrays, picture frames....mugs, cubes of sauce.... and so on.

    i guess if sales are good they'd add more....but sales would be up if they offered more.

    i'm sure you can get GS t-shirts from somewhere else with different styles and more sizes. Although it would be nice if they were here to order so you could use that discount they are offering....