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'Cryin Like a Bitch' -- Recording Problems! -- What is Godsmack gonna do?

Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 9:24 AM

There are a ton of songs that I like from Godsmack. The first time I saw them was at Ozzfest 2000, down in the pit the whole time. ... But the reason I am posting this is to hopefully get someone's attention. 'Cryin Like a Bitch' rocks, hits hard, but they got F*(ked on the recording. I have a tough time believing I am the only person that has noticed at ~2:09:30 to around 2:25 there is static that is introduced to the song. You can really hear it in the breaks between the rifts. .. I'm surprised that a well recorded artist, with large volume of sales, would let a substandard recording slide. So much that even in their video, they use the exact same recording, which introduces errant static there as well. .. Does Godsmack even know it is there? Well they should now! Do they stand up to Universal Republic Records and make them remaster the track? Make them pay for recording time/studio time/ and reprints on their dime for releasing a substandard recording? ...

The intent of this post is to hopefully make the band aware of the issue, if they aren't already. And even better would be to get that shit fixed! .. Hell, turn it into something positive .. Rerecord the song and post it as a free download, on the recording label's dime and bandwidth. Add the remastered track to your next album. Fix the single. Relay the track on the video. .. Something.

It is a question to the integrity of Godsmack's music. As an artist, I want to put the best product I possibly can out there. Something I am proud of. And I really like the music Godsmack puts out; they rock! .. Do I think Godsmack was aware of the issue and decided not to do anything about it? No, probably not. Could the recording studio not have known? .. Doubtful. I am an audiofile, and maybe not many people are cranking Godsmack across Morell Supremos at 95% volume. But I can't believe that I am the only person who has heard it before now. I heard it the first day the album was released, and to this day I still can't find that anyone else has acknowledged it.

What are your thoughts? Does music quality matter in Metal? Is Metal somehow a lesser form of music that deserves less attention and care to detail? Is it because all Metal sounds the same? ... So Godsmack: What is your next move?

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