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Mass Chaos - Syracuse, NY ON Center

Mon, May 21, 2012 at 6:46 AM

Godsmack rocked the house !!!
One question ?
Is it illegal to mosh in Syracuse, NY ?
The had a 20' area closed off right down the center of the floor for the security idiots to monitor what was going on. It seemed like every time someone started to enjoy themselves, the security was throwing them out !!! I have never seen this kind of set up ever at any show. Is this happening at any other venues ?

That being said, I will never attend another show at ON Center.

SMACKED 13 TIMES: (9/12/03 UB)(10/10/04 Buffalo-HSBC)(9/4/06 Darien PAC)(10/23/06 Syracuse)(12/2/06 UofPitt)(5/18/07 NYC Hammer)(5/27/07 Shea's Buf)(7/26/08 Darien PAC)(9/5/09 Darien PAC)(10/5/10 NYC Hammer)(7/26/11 Darien PAC)(8/21/11 Hamilton,Ont)

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