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Mayhem 7/30 Bristow va.

Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 10:54 AM

This was my 9th time seeing Godmsack and they never disappoint as I'm sure a lot of you know. Just like any good concert and every Godsmack show I've been feeling a little depressed afterwards just because of how good it actually was and knowing I can't possibly have that level of fun every single night and Mayhem was no different. All the bands were great even the ones I wasn't particularly thrilled to see but lets get to Godsmack. Sully and crew came out and Sully stated about how they had no pyro or video it was just about them and the crowd and I'll be the first to say Godsmack does not need any of those things they will whoop your ass no matter what, with that being said though I'm wondering if they won't come back with a huge production set for their next headlining tour. Cryin' Like a Bitch! was the first song and was very well received as soon as Sully started singing the crowd was belting out the lyrics as well, I was really surprised by everyone signing like they were, I just looked over to my friend with a bewildered look. The Enemy was the next song and that got everyone in the crowds fist pumping, and Shannon beating the hell out of the drums(more than usual) during the breakdown/interlude/bridge was intense. With a seamless transition from The Enemy, Forever Shamed was next and when the song kicked in the mosh pit got into full swing. They continued their set with Straight out of Line, Speak, Awake which is always awesome because I love moshing in the strobes, then they had Love Hate Sex Pain and Voodoo. Right after Voodoo was the drum battle which is always great and I loved how they put Creeping Death into their little covers medley along with Back in Black, War Pigs etc... Immediately after the drum battle was Whatever where Sully brought out the production team and they all took shots celebrating the 100th Mayhem Show. Afterwards Sully did what he did best and got the crowd pumped for the end of Whatever and it was pretty crazy down in the pit but I live for that. I Stand Alone was the Last song and always a good way to close out the show. Overall it was a great show as always and well worth the 6 hour drive and I can't wait to do it again.

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