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What's your best godsmack memory? And how did you get into them?

Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 7:10 AM

I'm 19 and i've been listening to Godsmack since 1999, and yes i was very little, in 2nd grade to be exact! I had the first Cd because my dad had it and i remember loving it thinking it was the heaviest thing ever! As the years went by i kinda got into more metal stuff and still listened to them though. In 2004 i saw them with Metallica twice and they blew me away, i went and bought Awake, Faceless, and the Other Side! I was blow away by them, i never thought of them as such amazing artists, until seeing them live and then digging into their albums! Now that i was a huge fan i was on board with anything Godsmack. 8th grade came around and the IV album was about to come out and i was so excited cause this was going to be the first Godsmack album that i was waiting for. I heard Voodoo Too, Bleeding Me, Speak, and Shine Down before the album's release, this was around the time when people leaked songs through myspace. But i was so in love with those songs and when album dropped in April of 2006 it was the guide to my life! I was going through tough times in my life, death, family issues, you name it. But it seemed as though sully was going through a lot at that time too cause of the letter he had posted about a friend of his passing away, and some of that letter was included in One Rainy Day. But none the less, that album not only was amazing, but it really got me through the hard parts of my life. I could go on about how amazing The Oracle is and how amazing they are live, but any true Godsmack fan already knows that! I'll just end this by saying the best moment for me was meeting sully june 5th 2011 in pittsburgh on his solo tour for Avalon, and i can honestly say that day was the most perfect day of my life!

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  1. Re: What's your best godsmack memory? And how did you get into them?

    Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 5:44 PM

    MAn I was 16 back in '98 when they busted out into the rock scene and Ive been a fan ever since.....saw them in concert in corpus christi, texas and the show rocked, GODSMACK played despite it raining, that made the show that much better...what an awesome night

  2. Re: What's your best godsmack memory? And how did you get into them?

    Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    I first discovered the music of Godsmack back in the summer of 2000. A friend at work was a Limp Bizkit fan and loaned me the soundtrack CD for the Mission Impossible 2 film for which LB had recorded the main theme tune. I casually listened to the first 7 tracks and then i heard this amazing detuned bassline on the intro to track 8. I have to add that at this time i had recently started learning bass guitar myself, hence the excitment at the intro to "Goin Down". I was totally blown away not only by the bass intro but the whole song, which was then on constant repeat play for ages.
    That was my first experience of hearing Godsmack, and the following summer(2001) i saw the band live for the first time when they opened for Limp Bizkit on their European tour. The friend who loaned me the CD could not get to the show and when i next saw him he asked how good was the LB show, to which i replied, "Godsmack were awesome, they stole the show, and the Bizkit were Limp"!

    My best Godsmack memory was in 2003 when i was fortunate to meet the band when they came to London, UK, to play a small club show as a warm up for the Faceless US tour. All the band were happy to chat, pose for photos and sign things both before and after the show.