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still want

Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 1:17 PM By: annoynomous1

It was inevitable i would wander my way back here
i run away all the time because i know I'll end up right back where i started
and for some reason i just have to run anyways...
maybe it is a power struggle and i am not strong enough to admit my weaknes
where have i been?
battling! battling every type of evil that exists!
do you question that evil is real?
I do not. I have seen evil in so many forms -
what hides behind the mans eyes and in turn causes madness
why a child would kill
why a wife would slit her own throat
why murder exists in the lives of many
and in these times, the lives of many nations....
I return from battle not broken
but wiser
i am not as niave as i was before and i am not carelessly stumbling my words
i am not as fragile
i have blossomed into a warrior
yet my hearts blood is redder than ever
My only reason and justifications are these
that i love stronger than i will ever hate you
i need you more than i ever could want you
you cast me out?
you cannot stop me
you run the same as i
you know like i you can only deny
for long
even though i was gone
i have returned
to face my mistakes and take my turns
in all my battles won
i learnt
what i still want is you

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