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Rights Debate

Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 7:25 PM By: annoynomous1

I recently got into a debate with a friend about Gay Rights
Now, anyone reading my posts so far has already figured out i can be pretty annoying
as far as my opinions and belief system go
in my world though, everyone is really just as bad
we started a discussion on why is it gays are gays
Do I believe in Gay rights he asked me
To which I said, sure, I dont actually really care
He asks me
Well why do you not care?
Because it doesn't effect me, because I am not gay.
....he says
what if you were gay, wouldn't you be happy to know you had rights
i say
i am struggling with my own rights not being gay day by day
gay rights does not effect me!!
He pushes the subject
what do you believe about gay people?
At this point I was getting first a little worried that my friend was quite possibly hiding something from me about his sexuality, on several occasions he has mentioned gay rights, he hangs with gay people and attends gay bars...says they are nice non judgemental people and that is why
i have never let this bother me, considering i have known this for over a year now...but why ask me again like really
...apperently it is because he just truly is wanting to know my thoughts on it
I reply...Everyone has a choice, so if someone chooses to be gay that is their right
Next thing i know ?? Hes furious at me!
So you seriously think that people just "choose" to be gay?
I said, yes, I do in quite a few ways.
He says.,.well what about all the people who say they were born gay
I reply, if they believe they are born gay and that is how it feels for them, why does it matter
--Argument continues-- It matters because this means alot to me
I ask him
Because my sister is gay
I say...ok has your sister ever slept with a man
He says
I say
Ok so something obviously effected her to alter her perceptions on men/women relations and she started experimenting with me
He gets angrier
No, she was born that way
I she lives in a day and age where it is ok now to make those kind of choices so more and more people can expirement with ppl of the same sex and feel ok with it because it is no longer taboo
I say
has your sister slept with any men since she has also started dating women
I can recall her talking about a date she went on recently when we visited..and it was with...a man!
So that would obviously mean that she is not Gay
But bisexual
To which yes, I believe is a choice
He asks me
Well do you think that is wrong?
I I dont think it is wrong I think that if people are happy that way then so be it, it doesn't effect me in the slightest and as long as they are good enough people...big deal
He continues!
After I repeatedly stress it really doesn't matter to me
He says
But do you believe people are born gay?
I say, I believe it is a possibility amongst many possibilities
-You said it was a choice though!
Yes, I did, and in many cases it is
He goes on
You are stereotyping gays!
I ask
How though? I don't hate them, I don't judge them, I just don't necessarily believe that all gays are born that way
I think that how their mother lived while she was pregnant could effect it
mental trauma perhaps from something that happened to them as a child they cannot recolect
and lets be real
how many adults admit to other adults the fucked up shit they actually say and do to their kids
Adults want to redirect the blame to anything but them
and these kids grow up confused
not all but a lot
....that statement in itself apperently was the worst thing i could have said because next thing that I know he is telling me he can no longer associate himself with me due to my beliefs....
There is more to this story and more to the discussion but I will wrap it up with what I said to him after that

You are going to dump me as a friend and dissacociate yourself from me because of something I believe that does not effect our friendship, i do not go out of my way to insult any one person so less they have started with me..because I believe eye for an eye
but that is not against gays, races, fat people, emo, depressed people poor people etc...anyone with a bad attitude..
what you have done by dumping me now as a friend is basically the same thing that someone who makes fun of gays does
judge them and treat them poorly due to a choice they made that actually doesn't effect you
same thing!

i would never dump you as a friend because you support gay rights cuz in the end i dont care about them..cuz im not gay!! if they are happy and the world can find peace and happiness..good enough!!

needless to say he did end up apologizing and saying he was misunderstanding my thoughts

but i think my friend might be gay

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