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  1. elly avatar

    On Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 5:51 PM, elly said:

    Wow, she really needs help. I'm sure there is some type of help of counselling she and her daughter could go to. She really needs to do something before it gets worse. She needs help with her daughter and she should be careful she doesn't try something with the b/f, that he touched her or something. It seems to me the daughter is asking for help, all these things she is doing is for attention. I would take her somewhere to find out what is going on. Now, rather then when she comes home pregnant, or runs away or who knows

    I wish your friend all the best and hope she finds out what is behind her daughters actions. She's lucky to have a caring friends like you to help support her through this.

    I would seek counselling and make the daughter go, she might in the end be thankful to get things out.

    Good luck to them. She's too young to be living her life that way and when she's older, she hopefully will look back and regret.