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Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 9:06 PM By: annoynomous1

cant take the pressure
that keeps building up
cant make it stop or give in to this stuff
call it a force i dont know
call it fuckin karma guess thats how it goes
who really knows
cant take the fire
its heating up
inside my stomach
deep in my guts
it burns away and eats my life
the wound is still fuckin fresh
i cant remove the knife
digging in my back
piercing into my spine
remind me im not alive
ive died
commited fuckin suicide
so take that life
take that knife
that that blade and i defy
the lengths ill go to justify
my pride
endless night
blackest black of ever black skies
surrounding me
im under pressure
and when the lightning strikes
they call it the weather
pressure pressuring it all together
i fucking submit!
i surrender
to hell with whatever
and whoever
wherever they are
so what if im dying faster than they are
so the pressure rises
and the fire boils stronger
barely holding on
will i make it any longer?
will i cave to the mess
cave the stress
die a fuckin witness
of self dustruction
everything i knew?
fuck it
everything i had?
dumped it
everything i touched
i love it
im stumblin
under fuckin pressure

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