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December's Keep

Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 7:42 AM By: Maiden of Malice

I'm so glad to see winter again. I know most people, especially in these snowy states, think that it's just cold and that it's a nice way to pay a bunch of money that you don't have, but for me, it's always been one of my favorite times. Especially December, and that has nothing to do with the fact that that's the month of my birthday. I think that January's too bold, February's kind of sluttish, and March is transitional and undecided. December is a welcoming of bittersweet things, something I've evidently displayed a love for throughout various areas. Snow doesn't blanket things the way most poets like to insist: it either dusts or buries. It's not warm, but it is a good insulator. The only annoying thing about snow is that if you were to walk across a perfectly smooth field it would leave painfully obvious, OCD-irritating prints with random trails of snow that tried hitching subtly on the bottom of boots, but sporadically fell off with each step. I love the scheme of white snow and 'frosty' icicles and windows, hardy evergreens and other bare, frozen trees, and even the infinite colors of winter hats and scarves with jackets and boots. Lights seem brighter, and darkness holds no fear, but rather infinite mysteries of innocent creatures. There seems to be no blood shed or confusion, just survival and thoughts. I could sit forever outside with the dark indigo, almost black, sky with quiet stars and a silver moon that's trying to communicate with earth that it and the land aren't so different: they're both seemingly endless voids of few colors. And fire. Holy non-existing God, do I looooove fire! I wish I could hold it because I think it would be almost silky, and I wish I had a better camera so I could photograph it. To me, fire is as pretty a sight as a frozen dew drop on a tiger lily. To quote David Draiman, "I just love the look, of fire"...not necessarily when it's, you know, burning down a house or anything, but it's a force to be reckoned with, so duh… (Pyromania- love that shit)
Now that I think about it, though, it might not even be the scenery that does it for me: I think I'm in love with the sounds of winter. (Awesome song by Bush, by the way.) It's true: there aren't many until the birds come back, and though I adore the winged creatures, that's what's so great. The soft winds are kind of like a rhythm section, creating a sort of backdrop for new thoughts and resolutions…for melodies and harmonies: for personal new songs. I do think all the time, but around now is, ironically, things don't necessarily seem as frigid. It all seems physically cold, but it makes you contemplate and appreciate exactly what it is that warms you. And sometimes it's easier to breathe when you can actually see that you are alive. The world seems to calm down for once. December brings major holidays, especially Christmas, which I might just have to say has always been my favorite, (along with Halloween, of course). There's those cheap ornaments and lights that the community never fails to get creative with, the trees, (and yes, fiber optic ones do count here), the deceitful and disappointing legend of Santa that sometimes scar children for life, the countless pounds of sugary obesity, cheesy, overdone songs, shows, and skits, infinite gigs of crappy photos, and for me, of course, the yearly party/reunion thing on my dad's side.
But oh how we greedy society love our presents, now don't we? We've never really had the money to get a bunch of things for each other in my family, but I've always loved coming up with ways to buy mine. I love writing all the people's names that I want to get a little something for. It's weird, but I love coordinating wrapping paper color and bows to what I feel suites individual personalities, especially when people are all like, "Awww, you got me a present? You didn't have to, you know." (Well, no crap. Yet here we are, my friend…) And even though the giver may think something is just a 'small' gift, there's nothing like seeing the feeling of being thought of that shows on the receiver's face. Like a lot of people, I found out long ago that I liked to give rather than get. I may complain about what I don't have, but that's because I, myself, can't get it FOR myself, not because it's not handed to me. In fact, I really hate having things just given to me.
Anyways, another thing I like about December is that no one seems to be rushing through their life.You can't drive fast or run too well on ice because you'd probably slip and hurt yourself, (trust me, head + ice + concrete is NOT a fun equation to be a part of). Schools get delayed or cancelled because hey, maybe dying is a little more of a concern than mindless hours in classes, (learning begins and grows outside of the classroom). It also seems that, in many cases, family becomes more of a priority. (I won't elaborate on that one.) And when New Year's Eve rolls around, December reminds us of all the things we have endured and survived, and that the future isn't a myth: it's coming whether you like it or not. It's not a bookend month, but one that tells us to stop worrying about what could have been or should have been, that we need to chill out today so that tomorrow won't be as brisk. It's a sense of tranquility. In essence, December, to me, is purity.

Love everyone, sorry I haven't been on in forever! –your Satan Maiden
"Mind strong, body strong. Try to find's like the sounds of winter." -Bush

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