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League Of Me

Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 7:56 AM By: Maiden of Malice

[Seduced by the darkest sin
Humanity can wholly comprehend,
They are the alpha and omega.
An agreement contracted with paper flesh
And hearty blood ink
Pours its madness upon the mortal brain,
A signature by which the fate has been convicted,
And the followers have been confined.
Prepare for condemnation…]

Rust on the fist-tight iron gates
Clings with fierce adhesion for dear life
As Satan breathes the breeze of solid nightfall,
And the haze of insanity is left to tear your mind:
The casting of memories
Into the pit of sickness
You have seized yourself into.
(The eternal trade.)

A pallid face eaten by silver fog
So beautiful and delicate,
The spider weaves the web and collects what is due.
A bloodlust like no other,
Listen as the hunger awaits satiation,
Listen as evil mocks silence
And the suspense is strung on a thin greyscale
For your eye's convenience.
(A fantastically familiar trap.)

The mist distributes the horror of the unknown,
Comprised of the souls
Of fifty-thousand incomplete criminals
Who linger only to bear witness to the event to come,
To share in the insanity
That comes with marketing your malice,
And to pleasure orgasmically as their blood coagulates
Into the perpetrator's river,
Upon which the warrior must swim.
(A villain, yes, but have we a hero?)

So long as she dies
There will be no violence.
Since necrophilia is only beneficial to the living,
There is no conscious violation.
The instigation of mutilation,
Of female physicality,
Is all too fair for one so gruff,
For one who has pawned away
His own mortal body,
For one so inwardly vile.
(The reason.)

A portion of the blood still stains the murderer.
But so fair is the little bitch
With the elegant white flesh,
Her body slaughtered tastefully
With an eerie likeness to my imagination.
How unstoppable can darkness possibly be?
Do you even recognize my obsidian hate?!
(The self-righteousness.)

Once upon a time
666 was called to the stand.
My number was up.
The jury pulsated
A most radiant guilt,
A startlingly correct assumption,
For I am the devil.

I am the murderer,
The perpetrator,
The victim,
The one who signed with mixed blood
And the one who provided the contract.
I love this pit of sickness I swim in
And I love the pain by which I am stricken,
But I hate you for not understanding
And I hate you for thinking
That my thoughts are only wholly who I am.

I AM a Disturbed One.

There's never a hero…)

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