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my mayhem festival and how I got to be on stage with godsmack

Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 11:14 AM By: btwrockstex

this is kind of a long story
but awesome how this tuned out better than expected , threw the spirit of rock and roll we were sent an angel named kristina the tour production manager who helps each venue with the willcall window where I was supposed to take the certifcate I won from ebay rock for kids charity witch entitled us to V I P meet and greets with bands , rock star energy lounge and tickets to get in the show and be on one of the side stages with a band of our choice ,not the main stage . willcall new nothing of this certificate, and she gave us vip to rock star energy lounge and tickets to get in the show and she was going to check with her peeps about our problem . and we were going to call the kyle at rock for kids to fix this. we gave kristina our phone # and we got a hold of kyle , he said he would call whom ever he could and get back with us. at this point we were lucky to be in at all . in the mean time we are injoying the show and standing in line to meet with david ellefson by himself , then we stood in line to meet megedeth , we met with david again and chris broderik , dave mustaine was a no show for meet and greets. then kyle calls us and says that someone should be calling us. and they did . kristina called, to meet her and she would esscort us backstage to meet with disturbed, we were talking to kristina and found out no one contacted her that she decided to do all this for us anyway on her own athority. then she said she would see if there were any spots open on stage with godsmack that she would call us and let us know . after meeting with distirbed we went and watched megadeth perform. then 15minutes befor godsmack we get the call and kristina esscorts around back and up onto the stage just behind the lighiting controls then godsmack walks right by us and out onto the stage and starts performing, during one of the song sully the lead singer comes over ad gets all 6 or 7 of us all that was there and brings out onto the stage and lines us up on the side right out there in front of 1000's of fans,this was so awesome .we were out on stage with godsmack . during the drum off between sully and the drummer. the two drum sets roll out onto the front of stage and sully gets up and starts throwing out drum sticks ,he throws one over to the people just to the left of us and the stick bounces back out onto the stage and comes to rest behind the drummers drum set rite in front of us , everbodys like wants to jump and get the stick and that is exactly what I did when everbody else hesitated , I jumped right out onto the stage in the middle of godsmacks drum off and retrieved my prize, (sully's drum stick) then ran back to my position and finish watching godsmack . after that we went to our seats to watch disturbed . and all this was posible bacause of our rock and roll angel that day , kristina tour production manager .

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