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NYS Concerts/Festivals

Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 10:03 AM By: Craig

First off....I'd like to thank those responsible for allowing Godsmack to perform here 5 times by the time the summer of 2012 ends. Two Mass Chaos shows(Binghamton & Syracuse), two Uproar Festivals(Darien Lake & SPAC), as well as being the headliner grandstand event for our NYS Fair on August 25th. We truly were blessed this year....but also are saddened that several of our friends both living in the states as well as our great neighbors up in Canada....were passed over this year. We can only hope that next year will be a better year for those who either had to travel great distances, or simply couldn't participate during these tours & separate shows....

Outside of Godsmack concerts, New York also has many other festivals/concerts during the summer months, making for quite a 4 month season of rock-n-roll, but also some difficult choices regarding just who to see......and what funds are available. For instance, Ted Nugent, YES and a few others that I can't recall, will either perform @ The Turning Stone Casino or Syracuse area venues. Each year, Krock(104.7fm) puts on what is called a Krockathon @ our fairgrounds. This year's headliners include KORN, P.O.D and the well as 9 other up-n-coming national acts, or some of our own homegrown local bands, as opening acts. This is the 17th year this event has taken place, and price isn't too shabby: $48.50/person. Last year, Seether and the Sick Puppies performed along with 10 other bands...including the Stone Temple Pilots closing the festival.
And speaking of our NYS Fair, which is located just a few miles west of Syracuse & easily accessible, we not only have grandstand events that range from country western(Yuck Poooie...Lol), to good hard driving rock-n-roll. Ten total grandstand events during the 10 days of the fair. So far, Godsmack is performing on August 25th, with other big names TBA later on. We also have free concerts in our center court, which bring some bands from the 70's & 80's.....such as J. Geils Band, which unfortunately is the SAME day and SAME time as GS hits the Grandstand!!! The decisions that are forced upon us New Yorkers is truly a crime...hahaha!!! Anyway....

Since Leslie & I have been members on this site, we have met some real stand-up people....people that care about others, people who are genuine.....and yes, people we really enjoy communicating with daily/weekly. So, perhaps next year several of us could get together and do some "concert-hopping" and more......and I'm certain that you all know we are referring to.....

Have An AWESOME Summer Everyone and.......Stay Safe!!!


  1. Craig avatar

    On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 7:09 PM, Craig said:

    I'm sure that the next time the boys are in Canada....EVERYONE living in NY F•CKING CITY will not only hear ya'll...but get shaken outta bed!!!! It'll be a long time a coming!
    Yeah...we were certainly favored this year, so who year they might not hit NY once, and Les & I will be camping out in YOUR backyard...LOL

  2. MIA avatar

    On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 8:29 AM, MIA said:

    Spoiled!!! oh yeah...nice!! :)

    As they are a US band and it costs $$ to tour outside we can only watch for tours and hope.
    Happy so many of you get to see them a lot of times, nothing like seeing them live. I'm ok...for now, lol. Saw them last year, wish it could be every year but it can't.
    It's nice to see them live rather then living through youtube video's. Happy they are headed Smackbass and Blagica's way. Too cool
    Maybe next year.....fingers crossed. :)
    Enjoy the shows you go too... especially whatever.... hey when they are in NY F*cking city.... what does he say? Get so god damn loud...they can hear you in... CANADA??? hehe

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