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Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 5:57 PM By: INSANE_DETERMINATION

This is a blog called random(obviously). In this a bunch of random stuff I will be talking discussing.

1. Anyone play call of duty black ops 2? Not trying to brag or anything, but I got to 10th prestige after 2 and a half months I got the game. I pre-ordered BO2, so you do the math. Anyways, I have been getting xbox messages from clans asking me to joiin them, because of how good I am. Like for real? I've never thought I was THAT good. When I got MW2, I was only in FaZe(I quit them), OpTiC(I quit after the first 10 days) and PuRe( I quit after the first year when I had to renew my gold account). But, now I am in 5TRZ clan...which...really isn't going well. Which clan is the best you have ever been in? Tell me about them.

2. My dad told me about how many tech jobs ARE available in the U.S. Thousands of tech jobs. But, you wanna know why they aren't filled? Because, way too many people don't have the experience or qualities that are needed. Also, more High-school grads are getting jobs than College grads. Wow! This made me change my mind about going to Notre-Dame. I'm now planning on going to IVY-Tech community college. Was it hard for you to get a job, after HS or college?

3. Gun-Control...the government is upset that the background checks bill/law wasn't passed...that's all. what's your thought on this?

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