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GODSMACK in Lafargeville

Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 5:12 AM By: pyro5263

so i just woke up on my couch made it home from the Tyrade, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Adrenaline Mob, Godsmack concert last night and i guess racked out on the couch. the show was AWESOME anybody that was there can tell you. i have herd of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and of Tyrade a local band but i have never herd there music. i have never herd of Adrenaline Mob but collectfuly the three bands know how to put on a show. godsmack took the stage and everybody flipped out and just lost there mind. no seat just a big open field and i was lucky enough to be like 15 feet from the stage. it was awesome the music the show even without the fancy pyro or huge stage the people pushing you every which way the BIG security guards going out into the crowd to handle people getting to much out of hand. i wish ther was a place where everyone that went to the concert could submit there pictures and videos becuse i forgot my camera and just have a crappy cell phone cam. so if you read this and you went to the GODSMACK concert in Lafargeville send me an email if you took videos and pictures please.

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  1. GODSMACK in Lafargeville

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