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Watertown Apology

Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 7:44 AM By: Middle Class Mike

Dear Gosdmack

I'm sorry my efforts to bring your music to Watertown, NY were not helpful enough to change the mind of the City Manager and other decision makers involved. Your promoter AMP really did go the final mile for you. I wrote articles on numerous blogs, like Glenn Curry's and the Watertown Daily Times. I see this as represion and censorship by the few over the many, pure and simple.

I couldn't do much to help, but maybe in some way this small gift will help atone for our failure to be open to your music and group in Watertoiwn, NY.

This is a poem/song I gift to you, for your use as you see fit, if in fact you think it has merit. It is an attempt to talk about humankinds indifference to one another and how that must change. Consider it a small attempt to apologize for our City's lack of openness.


“Loose Woman Down”

There’s a loose Woman down,
And she’s feeling so little self-worth,
On the day her birth,
She doesn’t even attempt to make a sound,
As a new dawn breaks,
And people jostle onto work,
She won’t even fight back,
While under physical attack,

Yeah I seen that girl around,
She’s the quiet type alright,
The kind that won’t make a sound,
Even as he raises his fists to pound her face,
Trying to take back, all that’s been taken from him,
The blood flows onto her white laced blouse,
And her face remains just a contorted grin,

As she doesn’t fight back while under attack,
Cause she’s feeling so little self-worth on the day of her birth,
I’m thinking helps bound to come,
But it seems people are on the run,
And they just don’t have the time to see,
That she needs someone to turn around and fight for her rights,

I raise my bottle to my lips,
The liquor burns deep and eases my concerns,
As no one turns round,
To see the blood on the ground,
And her bodies just lying still,
And there’s that silly little grin,
On that cute little face,
Of this quiet little girl,
Who lies dying on the cold dirty cement

And the sun has finally risen,
As it shines into her unblinking eyes,
I raise my bottle to my lips,
The liquor burns deep and eases my concerns,
For a little girl I seen around,
To the people walking by,
She’s just another loose woman down

Mike Flynn email: mikefly1352@netzero


Political Activist and Teacher Mike Flynn

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