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Newest Chapter!!!!!

Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 12:22 PM By: XxEmo_PaganxX

It's finally here for those of you who wanted to continue to read my story!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!

He hung around the lab for a while before collecting a few weapons and gong on a hunt himself, leaving Damien in charge. He left the mansion gates into a scene of snowy destruction. Despite the cold, burning buildings, rubble and litter that was left over from the town becoming “the devil’s playground,” were still visible beneath the thick sheet of snow.
All this was once Stillwater, Oklahoma.
He walked through its empty streets that ran by what used to be Lowe’s and let his EMF meter run as he swept it across the space in front of him. He walked by both entrances to the parking lot of what was left of Cimarron Townhomes and the meter began to flicker. He looked around him and saw nothing at first, but the next thing he knew, he was on his back with the creature on top of him. He wrestled it for a moment, keeping it at a safe distance, and yanked out his custom glock with bullets laced with holy water, and shot the human vessel in the face.
There was a small twinge in his mind. The fear, the humanity, It was the refusal to shoot as the vessel as it was a little girl with a teddy bear soaked in blood. Of course, whatever image he had of the sweet girl she probably was, it quickly disappeared as the child stood again with half her face missing.
Rising to his feet, he wiped at an errant streak of blood that splattered his face. They locked sights, both waiting for the other to make a move.
Despite his patience, it seemed like the more he waited, the more this thing was winning.
She cocked her head to the side. The gleam in her eye made him prepare for a smart-ass remark.
“You seem . . . tense. Could it be that you are nervous? Are you scared? ,” She began to walk in a relaxed circle around him, “You know, I’ve seen her. She is beautiful.”
Seen who? Angel? Impossible! This is ridiculous!! Why is he standing here and listening to this monster?!
“You know what is most beautiful about her? Her blood. I remember seeing her. You see, first we shaved her head. Then, we shaved off her skin. After she hung there like meat on a hook for a while, we began to cut her, piece by-” He shot her again. He kept shooting. Not stopping. He didn’t stop until he heard nothing but the clicking from the gun.
Then he knew what he had to do. The Latin words came to mind naturally. Not surprisingly really, Angel had almost literally drilled them into his head.
Exorcizo te, immunde spiritus, in nomine Dei Patris omnipotentis, et in nomine domini nostri, Iesu Christi, et in nomine Spiritus Sancti.”
Just as he said these words, the young vessel and the thing in her body screamed simultaneously. Almost as if they were one being. The girl’s eyes were black. Then something that looked almost like engine oil dripped from them. It was also streaming out of her nose and spilling from her mouth. As many times as he’d seen thing, he still couldn’t get used to seeing it from a child. It killed him inside just a little more.
The scream that came from the finally released creature echoed through the town as it disintegrated into the concrete, leaving a black stain within the snow.
He felt the oppressive energy from around him. Moving in to defense mode, he became awake and alert. The energy got stronger, stronger. Whatever it was, it was close, powerful, and gone. There was nothing there. He looked around.
Damn it Adam. Keep your wits ABOUT you!!!! You’re making yourself sense these things. They’re all over the place!!!!
This thought ran through his mind. He felt like a moron. Without letting his guard down, he continued on, his feet crunching the snow beneath him.
He walked past a few fast-food stores that looked like even the demons didn’t want their food when they demolished the pathetic buildings. It was an interesting observation. Jumping over a few totaled cars, he made his way to Wal-Mart, which was (of course) still standing.
“Its funny, I used to hate coming here. Now it’s like heaven.” He said to the empty winter air as he smiled at the irony in the statement. With a sudden stop, he realized something. He still spoke as if she were right next to him... He must be losing his mind. He shook his head and continued on.
He muscled open the once automatic doors and made his way inside the looted, littered, and no longer crowded general store. He pulled out his EMF meter and switched it on.
Very little activity here.
He was glad for this fact. He didn’t want to go through another storefront brawl with a demon. Definitely not something he wanted to happen again. He tracked his way over to the sporting goods center and loaded a pack he was carrying with him full of ammo and extra weapons. Something reminded him about the time when he actually had to pay for this stuff. Funny, it was only about a year ago and it seemed like a long time. So, for a little self-inflicted humor, he pulled out his wallet and left one of his credit cards on the counter. He began to snicker a little at his joke, though it didn’t last long. Jokes like that never do when you’re alone. Just as he was about to high-tail it out of there, his EMF meter began to flicker. With quick thinking, he pulled out his glock as he began to move. He dropped the empty clip and began reaching for another when he heard a loud crash. He skidded behind a shelf to catch his breath.
“We know you’re here. Come on out!!” He heard a sickly sweet feminine voice
That’s when Adam decided to take a peek. He looked out and saw two unfamiliar vessels, both male. Then, he spotted her. Fey.
Shit, shit, SHIT!!!! What the hell do I do? If I run, Fey will sure as hell catch me!! But If I stay, I’m dead meat!!! Gimme a fuckin’ break!!!
“I smell you boy. There’s no point in hiding.” Fey said in a cooing voice that sounded like she was enjoying this
C’mon Adam. You’re better than this! THINK!!! There’s gotta be some kinda way outta this!!!
As he thought this, Fey gave a sickly laugh that sent chills up his spine.
He began reaching for the other clip
He didn’t have much time left.
He dropped it..
He began to run. His entire world seemed to be collapsing around him as the other demons began pushing over the shelves, barely missing him. Then, gravity began to take over as he stumbled over something. The fall knocked the wind out of him. All the oxygen around him seemed to be gone. He couldn’t breathe. There was a slap on his back, and then with a big gasp, he felt the air fill his lungs. A hand grabbed face, squeezing his chin.
“Well, aren’t we just a cutie? I think I’ll keep you,”
He began to reach for something. Anything.
“C’mon, don’t be shy boy.”
He felt the cool, hard metal of a baseball bat. Without a second thought, he bashed her over the head with it. He scrambled to where his last magazine had fallen and wrenched it out from underneath one of the shelves just in time to doge a swing from one of the demons. He took off running, snatched his bag, and loaded his gun.
This was it. He had a split second descision.
Okay, choice one. Shoot them with holy water bullets and hope it delays them enough to get away. Problem, last mag. Choice two. Shoot the glass and run like hell and hope they choose not to fallow me. Problem, they probably will. Dammit, why can’t my choices ever be easy?!
With this thought, he made his choice. He ran towards the doors and fired at the glass. With one leap, he busted through it and ran. Pushing himself to his limit, he took one look back. They didn’t follow him.
Too easy. But if I get away, I don’t really care.
And with that, he took off.

Questions and comments will be accepted and answered!!!! . . . . .eventually. lol :)

  1. XxEmo_PaganxX avatar

    On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 9:49 AM, XxEmo_PaganxX said:

    lolol. I love that.

  2. MIA avatar

    On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 10:43 AM, MIA said:

    ok i'm getting it now. Never really thought of hell. i don't really think much of death, except the rainbow bridge.

  3. XxEmo_PaganxX avatar

    On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 6:01 AM, XxEmo_PaganxX said:

    Thanks elly. And to make it clearer for you, These demons are like real life demons. You can't just shoot them unless you have a special kind of weapon which is very hard to find. (but there is more than one authentic weapon) So in order to defeat these demons, you need to exorcise them, thus the latin. (Most exocisms are carried out in latin.)
    And about Angel, She's in Hell. Which is why the demon said those things. You can't really tell wether or not it is happening or if she was just screwing with his mind. (It's not how she died though). You see, in hell, I believe that their tourture is not a fiery pit of hell. I think they burn cold. Cold silent darkness. I think they can cut you to pieces and put you back together just to do it again. But this is just my belief so I incorperated it into the story to put a mystery in it.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
    Chapter 3 is in progress!!

  4. MIA avatar

    On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 2:48 AM, MIA said:

    you did make me laugh...Wal-Mart...of course it's still there lol. I like that there was humour, it was a good read. Eww to the Angel part, poor thing, Hopefully the demon was only trying to toy with him and that didn't really happen to her. I'll have to patiently wait to she really dead? Thanks for posting this. i'm bookless at the moment so it's nice to have this to read.
    I was thinking..he shot at the first demon and i was picturing kinda terminator look, then the to kill, he must shoot at them and say the latin?
    You are very good at writing, i've enjoyed it so far.

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